Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Why August?

At the beginning of the 2010 school year, over half of the African Bible College faculty will be in the US raising support and visiting family.  This has created a urgent need for teachers.  Jessica and I want to help meet that need which is why we want to be in Malawi by August.

Will you help us reach our goal?  We need you to join us by praying and giving.  God has provided in amazing ways, and we're not far from our financial target.  If you have not done so, would you let us know about your commitment to support us?

Budget Update
One-time Needs:  69% (only about $6,000 to go)
Monthly Needs:  65%  Since our last update, our monthly support has nearly doubled!  We're grateful for the generosity of our partnering churches, friends, and family.

If you would like to give, click here or go to africanbiblecolleges.org ("Give Now" on the right-side menu) for instructions on how to do that.  Please contact us with any questions.

Prayer Request

  1. Please  pray for God's work in Malawi through ABC.  Pray that He would continue to raise up Christian leaders and equip them for ministry.
  2. We continue to meet with churches, small groups, and individuals.  Pray that God will sustain us and provide us with partners in ministry.
  3. Join us in thanking God that Jessica's dizzy spells are less frequent.  Please continue to pray that He would protect our physical and spiritual health.
  4. We have a number of decisions and details to deal with in preparation for our move.  This can be overwhelming.  Please pray that God would replace our anxiety with His peace.
Your prayers are essential to this ministry opportunity.  It is deeply encouraging to know that so many of you are supporting us in this way.  Thank You!

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  1. Just as an update to your "How to Give" page, ABC now provides an on-line form for Automatic Funds transfers. This may be the simplest way to go for folks. https://africanbiblecolleges.net/EFT/

    The credit card page moved slightly (as well as the directions for other ways to give). When you go to the "Give Now" link (as directed in your post) potential donors first see the EFT form and, UNDER the drop-down menu (NOT in it) is a link for "Other Giving Options." From there potential donors can give with a credit card or consider still other options.

    The EFT option is, of course, not new but the form being submittable through the website is. So is the slightly new arrangement for the giving pages.

    So maybe this comment seems "suspicious?" (But I am ABC's web-master so hopefully not too much so... ;) Check out the site though and you'll see what I mean.