Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thank you

Thanks for your prayers and support. We arrived in Malawi safe and sound (and only missing one bag)

We had quite an adventure in Johannesburg. Imagine 2 kids, 5 carry-ons, retrieving 8 massive bags and 2 car seats. Now imagine pushing that  around the airport, paying someone to wrap, lock, and guard the luggage overnight (unsafe to recheck luggage) convert dollars to rand, then stand outside at night hoping that our hotel shuttle really will come and take us somewhere safe to sleep . Then imagine 2 kids wide awake from midnight to 3am. and then waking at 5:30am to hop back on the shuttle retrieve all baggage and recheck it, and finally board our final flight to Lilongwe, Malawi. Nothing has been even close to that difficult since arriving. We're so thankful for your prayers for patience and safety! JJ and Georgia Mae did amazingly well.

We are enjoying our first week of orientation and trying many new things that we'll eventually share.
We miss you all and are thankful for your continued prayers and support. with care, Jess and family


  1. We love and miss you too! We are praying for you guys to have peace and security even in the midst of crazy! :) I miss those little babies--so glad that all of their clothes made it (all that sorting and packing we did!). Can't wait to see more pictures. Have fun settling in!

  2. Hey! That looks like our old front yard!

    So glad y'all made it safely. Enjoy these first few weeks of getting to know everyone. I know how exciting it can be. We are praying for you!

  3. sigh... i can imagine... and had my heart racing for you as i read your travel story. so glad to see you made it safely. sending love.