Friday, November 12, 2010

grandparent post

Pics of our kids over the past month....

JJ's 5th Birthday -Chicken Nugget Celebration.

 "mom, can you make a smile cake?" -yes, yes I can. So glad he didn't say optimus prime...

 homemade pita bread


  1. Thank you :)

    The pictures are such a gift.

    Life is fun....on any continent.

    They are beautiful, precious, fearfully and wonderfully made :)


  2. What wonderful pictures! Emily enjoyed the pictures with me - and she loved your smile cake too. She wanted to know if Georgia 'Mayer' is having her birthday party in Africa too and she still wants us to take her to Africa for the weekend!

  3. So cute! I can't get over how big JJ is looking! He turned 5 and became a man. :(

    Georgie is adorable! Her personality is a riot. I can't WAIT to take her shopping and to get our nails done together. :)

    I miss you guys--all four of you--so, so much! Love you!