Sunday, January 30, 2011


Snails-Snakes-N'gumbi-All appear with the rainy season.  N'gumbi  are flying termites that rise out of the ground in plague like style after the first serious rain. They lose their wings within minutes and then crawl around until a Malawian fries it for dinner. Georgia loves the ngumbi. She didn't eat one, but licked a few!

 ngumbi crawling in the bottom of the pot
 ngumbi wings shed on our porch
 resident lizard
 almost ate one
Jonathan did!

A few days ago there was a lot of shouting in our neighbor's yard. Their gardener had discovered a mamba. Most Malawians call every snake a mamba. We did some research and it was legitimate. None the less-95 percent of all snakes here are poisonous. Thankful that our children who play outside all day everyday have yet to meet a snake.


  1. Mmmm! How do they taste, Jonathan?

  2. Wow! GM looks like she is getting some serious curls. So lovely! Did Jonathan really eat that bug?

  3. Eww, eww, eww! So glad the mamba was not in your yard...or your BED!!!