Friday, March 11, 2011

Breaking the law

 I'm glad I wasn't driving!!

A little note from Connie (My next door neighbor):  Just in case you’re wondering, it’s illegal to turn left (we drive on the left side of the road here) on a red robot (traffic light).  Um, especially not wise in front of a bunch of policemen.  They could chase you down in their truck (who knew? – there are very few police cars) and pull you over and take you to the area 3 police place to pay a MK5000 fine ($28), EVEN IF you didn’t know it was illegal, cuz guess what?  It still is!  And even if you are in a hurry to get back in time to teach your English class, you shouldn’t be in THAT much of a hurry.  And guess what else, if you sweet talk the policeman who climbs in the back of your van to “take you” to the area 3 police station cuz his friends in the truck have somewhere else to go apparently,  and he tries to help you find a zippity quick parking place once you get there, it does NOT mean that the police “king” of THAT little parking area of 10 cars will let you park there and so you have to go to the other parking lot where the police “king” of THAT little place will NOT let you park, but you have to go to the first place even when you tell him you can’t cuz that king told you “no” so you go to HIS second choice, you should be careful not to run your van front end over a hidden in the tall grass cement block and crunch it down hard…cuz that would sound terrible and almost make you lose it… And then the nice policeman could be waiting to write your ticket zippity quick cuz you told him you hoped you could get back in time and is there ANY way he could help you??  And so wouldn’t it be funny if while he was helping you he handed you his ticket book to hold while you followed him to the guy with the receipt book…and then Jessica might call her husband and tell him, “CJ got arrested and we are at the police station and we hope we can get back for her class.”  And then on the way out the nice policeman could joke with his friends in Chichewa that he was marrying Jessica and we wouldn’t even stop to file a sexual harassment thingy.  Wouldn’t all that be something? :  )

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  1. yup-sounds familiar. that happened to us ON MY BIRTHDAY! we drove the wrong way down a one way street. problem was, the "one way" sign was posted at the other end, the end that you COULD drive through. there was no warning sign at the wrong end telling people that they could not drive down the road in that direction. it's a gooooood thing my husband was with me. i was SO mad i probably would have ended up in jail. oh, and they wanted to impound our car. yeah, 3 hour fiasco.