Saturday, August 6, 2011

Spring Concert and Peter Mawanga

The ABC Spring Choir Concert was on June 1.  A semester of hard work came together nicely. We sang a three part arrangement of "Salvation is Created" by Tschesnokoff. It stretched the students abilities as well as their stylistic preferences. I was proud of them. This piece is slow and very different from anything they've heard before. When I played it for them in January they thought it was boring and by June it had become a favorite. We also sang the gospel song "Hallelujah, Salvation and Glory" and a beautiful original Chichewa composition by Senior Linda Chiyani.
 Dress rehearsal
 The Seniors
Me and Peter
 Peter Mawanga, Malawian international recording artist, spent a few rehearsals with the ABC jazz combo, Mingoli, teaching a song from an upcoming album titled, "Mau a Malawi, Stories of AIDS." Here is a link to a website that explains more about the heart and mission of this album. We are also honored to have Peter working with Mingoli for a few rehearsals in September. He will be performing at the University of North Carolina in the fall for a large benefit. Go if you're close!

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