Monday, October 25, 2010

the Lake

Lake Malawi is the 8th largest in the world with around 11, 000 square miles of surface area. On Saturday, we caravanned an hour and a half north with our friends to see it for ourselves.

We are thankful to the Lord for this beautiful country and for the car that was so generously given to us so we can easily travel for ministry and leisure.

The relaxing day at the lake was much needed as Jonathan spent all of Sunday helping a pastor and student at a village CCAP church service.  (more details to come)


  1. Georgia's expression wins!
    Who is that Guy??
    Kinda looks like Shrek!

  2. So glad that you are getting to enjoy the beautiful country that you are living in!

  3. THERE'S the batman shirt I've been waiting to see on this blog! :) Aw, I miss seeing your fun t-shirts. Georgia's expression is CLASSIC. Miss you guys!