Friday, October 8, 2010

student life and returning graduates

Last friday the junior class sponsored a singing competition. The sophomores took the prize. It was great to hear Malawian popular music as well as some traditional Chichewa songs.

I sat with new professor, Limbikani Kamlongera.  Limbi is an ABC graduate who is finishing her doctorate in Education from a university in the US. She is so helpful to me as I adjust to Malawian culture, and gracious to answer all of my questions.  I'm thankful that God has so quickly brought me a friend.

Please pray for Limbi as she has made incredible sacrifices to return to Malawi and SERVE.  It's not always typical for students who study in the US to return. What a blessing to have her back.

 Limbi and I enjoying the concert
 JJ with the student body
 Freshmen Class
 Joseph -jazz pianist
 Linda conducting the seniors

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