Friday, September 24, 2010

Music Theory

I never loved learning music theory in college, but it has been a JOY to teach. I'm sharing the class with my colleague, Kelly. He teaches 1 day of written theory and I've been doing 1 day of ear training. Over 40 students are registered for this course.  Their interest in learning to read and notate music comes from a culture with rich singing traditions, and yet for almost all of them, college is their first introduction to formal music training.

Kelly and I are pushing them. We start with lines and spaces-but are moving at a decent pace for beginners. It's thrilling to see them compose, even on a small scale.

I am learning some Chichewa music- so as to give them a context for their solfa (do, re mi, etc..) but am also sharing from the western music tradition.  It's especially sweet to see their eagerness to take what they learn to their churches. Many direct or participate in church music where they are considered the music "expert" because of their education at ABC.  Our relationships with the students are growing closer. Please pray for us as we encourage these young Malawian believers.

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  1. So exciting to see God using you to equip leaders in the church! I'm so proud of you. :)