Saturday, September 4, 2010

This and that

Jonathan and I are settling into our academic schedule. Here are a few snippets from our week.

 I started rehearsals with the ABC chorale on Monday and Wednesday. There are over 50 students signed up for choir this semester. I love their enthusiasm for singing. 
women's sectional rehearsal

There is standing room only in music theory I. It is a beautiful mix of teaching and learning. I've been unable to post videos because of the slow internet speed. I 'll keep trying.

On Thursday morning in chapel, we began by singing a beautiful song in Chichewa. It was like a taste of what heaven might sound like. Such beautiful singing and worship continually bring tears to my eyes. We're so thankful for this time to learn from and be a part of the church in Africa.

Our lost bag was found.  We're especially thankful for toys to keep our kids occupied during the rainy season. Our raincoats were also in that bag. Another necessity during the rainy season!
Georgia reunited with her favorite toy mrs. teapot

JJ has made fast friends with Wongani. He is a sophmore bible major. He is a bright student that Jonathan has enjoyed in his Joshua/Judges class and to JJ's delight a football (soccer) player. 

JJ with the ABC football team during halftime


  1. it's so fun to see your pictures! are you in the Jones old house? (that description may not help you much, but I don't know who was there last year...maybe the highs?)

    did you get everything from the container? are you enjoying shopping over there?

  2. The pictures are super! They give us a delightful peek into your lives at ABC! I would love to hear the chorale.
    Your kids have a gift for loving. We're so glad that they are adjusting, making friends, and enjoying the students at ABC, Looks like you have a futball lover! Tell JJ the Georgia Bulldogs kick off their season in a couple of hours!
    We love you :)
    mom and dad

  3. So fun! I love the picture of GM with her beloved tea pot. Thankful that God heard our prayers and returned your bag! Tell JJ he'll have to teach Harry how to play football when he gets back.

    Harry still asks daily when JJ, his "brother" will be home. We miss you all so much. Still. :)

  4. Love the pics! Y'all have been in my prayers! I hope to get to come visit some day soon! Tell everyone that I love them and miss them!

  5. Oh Jess,

    It looks like everyone is doing well. I love the pictures. You are doing good documentary work.