Friday, September 17, 2010

new perspective on AIDS

Our neighbors, Connie and Kelly Dehnert, were invited by a former student and pastor to come and lead a marriage seminar for his village church elders and their wives. The following is an excerpt from their latest update letter:

"...we met at the dining hall for lunch today(with the village pastor) to discuss issues that they struggle with in their marriages and had some fascinating information presented to us...."  

     "There are a number of traditional religious practices that make for many problems.  Among those is the view that if parents engage in sex when their daughter is pregnant (the entire pregnancy) she or the child may die in childbirth.  In addition, if a couple has hens and the hens are sitting on eggs, the couple should not have sex, because this will hinder the production of the hens. As you can imagine there is a significant amount of going outside the marriage by the man and partly because of this, Malawi ranks quite high in the HIV-AIDS scourge. "

     "There are many fears people live with here, based upon these beliefs. We hope that the gospel and biblical teaching will be a comfort to them."

Jonathan and I are traveling with the Dehnerts to visit this village church on Sunday. Jonathan will be preaching for the communion service. Please pray for this CCAP (Church of Central Africa, Presbyterian) congregation, that they would know the power of the gospel and will move from fear to freedom in Christ. 

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